About half of SHS students will not benefit from Free SHS- Minority

Minority Leader, and MP for Tamale South, Mr. Haruna Idrrisu has disclosed that not all current SHS student are going to benefit from the Free SHS policy as espoused by government. He said more than half of the students are excluded and that the policy was not properly thought through.

He made this known in a press conference where the minority presented what they call “true  budget statement“.  The Minority Leader also indicated that, Paragraph 575 of the Budget Statement  paints a completely different picture and tells a tale of total deception.The paragraph in question states that only first year students in the 2017/2018 academic year,whose number is given as 457,692 at page 102 of the budget will benefit from the programme.

Even as this clearly amounts to a monumental deception, it completely vindicates the position of the NDC administration at the time that the most  viable option towards the implementation of Free SHS is the gradualist approach under the Progressively Free SHS programme introduced in the 2015/2016 academic year. What the NPP has proposed in the budget is Progressively Free SHS under a different name.”

** Mpactglobal: Enoch Yeboah

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