Mobile games brought 25% higher revenue than PC gaming in 2016

PC gaming and mobile gaming are two different ‘arena’s altogether as both aim at a different audience. PC gaming is focused on serious and mature gaming audience who wants advanced graphics for most of their games along with dedicated hardware to run them in most cases. Mobile gaming, on the other hand, focuses on casual gaming where people will play a game or two on their daily commute or when they have free time.

Considering the dedicated gaming crowd backing the PC gaming community and there being no real community to back the mobile gaming scene, one would likely believe that the revenue generation will be considerably more in the dedicated community. However, market analyst firms IDC and App Annie concluded in a report that mobile gaming revenue was 25 percent higher than the revenue generated by PC and Mac gaming.

The report detailed that China and Japan were the two major markets that drove the growth of mobile games. Asia accounted for more than 60 percent of gaming revenue in 2016. Daniella Levitas, the SVP of Research for App Annie added, “2016 was the best year yet for mobile games, with consumers spending nearly 25 percent more than the year prior. The breakout success of Pokémon GO propelled mobile games further ahead of consoles, PC/Mac, and handheld consoles.”

The report pointed out that even though the games represent about 35 percent of total app listing on Google Play Store and iOS App Store, yet the 35 percent of apps accounted for about 80 percent of revenue and spending when the figures for iOS and Google Play are combined. One interesting thing to note is that iOS users just like previous years, spend significantly higher than Google Play users. To put things in perspective, the revenue generated by iOS users was higher than all the Android-based stores in 2015.

Fantasy Westward Journey was the highest grossing game on iOS in 2016 while Monster Strike won the title for Google Play. Top grossing game for handheld gaming console went to Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon for Nintendo 3DS.

Pokemon GO came third in terms of total game spend in Google Play and iOS platforms in 2016 by generating about $950 million as direct spending. The report pointed out that 24 million gamers in America played Pokemon GO in the month of September 2016 with 56 percent of gamers being under the age of 25.


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