Ghana School of Law Christian Fellowship marks 30 years of existence

A pastor with the Royal House Chapel International (Ahenfie), Ms Dzifa Gakpleazi, has called on law students to build good reputations for themselves. According to her, one can be a lawyer and still be a good Christian with integrity.

Pastor Gakpleazi, who is also a lawyer by profession, gave the advice at the 30th thanksgiving service of the Ghana School of Law Christian Fellowship (LCF) in Accra yesterday.

The fellowship is based on the various law campuses of the Ghana School of Law, including the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) and the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). It is a Christian non-denominational body.

Pastor Gakpleazi called on the students not to pursue the love of money but to ensure that when they moved into the world of work, they would stand out because they were Christians.

Awards and citations

The President of the LCF, Mr Kwesi Prempeh, presented a newly instituted ‘Daniel prize’ to Mr Emmanuel Kyei. It was initiated by a patron of LCF, Mr Kimathi Kuenyehia, to encourage law students to be good Christians.

Mr Kyei also received a memento and cash prize of $1,000.

Mr Prempeh was also presented with a citation for his initiative to start the fellowship 30 years ago.

Outgoing executives of the LCF were also presented with certificates, while the incoming ones were introduced to the congregation.


At the launch of the celebration of the fellowship (LCF) in Accra on Saturday,  Mr Prempeh said the essence of establishing the LCF was to provide spiritual nourishment for students on campus.

“Because the Law School was not residential, when we came here we realised that we did not have spiritual nourishment, or we did not know whether people were being nourished spiritually, so we felt the need to meet once a week to provide spiritual nourishment for our colleagues. When we were leaving, we handed over to those who were behind us and it has continued like that for the past 30 years. We thought that it was necessary to celebrate 30 years of existence because it is not every group which starts that is able to continue, but God has kept us for 30 years and we have to celebrate it,” he said.

Value Time

The Managing Consultant at Apex Lawconsult, Mrs Sheila Minkah-Premo, also advised the students to change their attitudes towards time and to value it wherever they find themselves.

Mrs Minkah-Premo observed that most Ghanaians attended functions and programmes late, without considering the effect on those who adhered to time.

The keynote speaker, who is also a founder member of the LCF, Bishop E.A.T. Sackey of the Lighthouse Chapel International (LCI), urged the Christian law students to be exceptional in their work.

He believed that Christians were like salt and, therefore, apart from giving taste to the world, they had to preserve the world.

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