London Terrorist Attack: 3 Killed Near British Parliament, Attacker Dead

Three people were killed and 20 others were wounded Wednesday in a terrorist attack at Britain’s Parliament that sent crowds of tourists and lawmakers running for their lives.

The victims included a police officer who was stabbed at the House of Commons and died despite the efforts of doctors and a passing government minister to save him.

What we know

  • An attacker struck pedestrians on London’s Westminster Bridge and then crashed near Parliament.
  • A man armed with a knife tried to enter Parliament. He stabbed and killed a police officer before he was shot and killed by police.
  • Twelve people were treated for serious injuries. Eight others suffered less serious wounds.
  • Police said the attack, which came on the first anniversary of the Brussels terrorist attacks, was terrorism.
  • President Donald Trump promises full assistance to Britain.
  • Counterterrorism police sent to British offices and institutions in New York City.

Two other victims were struck by a 4×4 vehicle that plowed into people walking on nearby Westminster Bridge. Some of the pedestrians suffered “catastrophic” injuries, doctors said. A woman was pulled alive from the River Thames below the bridge with serious injuries.

Twelve people were treated for “serious injuries” at hospitals, and eight others were treated for less serious injuries at the scene, said Pauline Cranmer, deputy director of operations for the London Ambulance Service.

The assault came on the first anniversary of terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium, that killed 32 people, and police said Wednesday’s incident was also terrorism.

Prime Minister Theresa May called the attacker a “sick and depraved terrorist” and said, “The location of this attack was no accident.”

“The terrorist chose to strike at the heart of our national capital,” May said in a nationally televised address outside 10 Downing Street.

May announced that Parliament would meet as scheduled on Thursday and said Londoners refused to allow “the voices of hate and evil to drive us apart.”

“Let me make it clear today,” she vowed. “Any attempt to defeat those values through violence and terror is doomed to failure.”

Like May, London Mayor Sadiq Khan praised emergency responders for their “tremendous courage in exceptionally difficult circumstances.”

“London is the greatest city in the world,” Khan said in a video message. “Londoners will never be cowed by terrorism.”

The assailant, who is thought to have been acting alone, was brought to the ground by a gunshot and also died.

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New York police told NBC News that they were closely monitoring events in London and were sending counterterrorism teams to numerous locations across the city, including Britain’s U.N. and consular offices.

Lawmakers were kept on lockdown inside the House of Commons while police secured the scene, and tourists were trapped on the nearby London Eye Ferris wheel.



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